Collage Extravaganza Weekend
Collage Extravaganza Weekend
Collage Extravaganza Weekend
Collage Extravaganza Weekend

Collage Extravaganza Weekend

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Collage Extravaganza Weekend!

THREE Day Class

Saturday, May 4th at 10AM - 6PM (EST)
Sunday, May 5th at 10AM - 6PM (EST)
Monday, May 6th at 9AM-4PM (EST)

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Collage is my favourite form of art, whether its for small art cards or large journal pages, but I’m aware that a lot of people struggle. Lets blow away the collage cobwebs and dive into a creative experience.

We will be starting with some very simple backgrounds to use as a base and then going through where to start, how to source images and build a collection. I will have plenty of magazines in the classroom but you are also advised to bring some of your own. I have added a list of some of my favourites below. I will also be providing a lot of my own personal printed collage sheets. After some copious cutting out we will be ready for the off. How to plan your designs, which adhesives to use, bedding them into the backgrounds, painting over images, adding doodling and then those all so important finishing touches. 

A complete A-Z of collage.  Three whole days of fun with plenty of time to play as well!

We will be working in a large flip journal and most materials will be included.

The following magazines are all available at Barnes and Noble 
and are used in my art work. You don’t need to buy them all but one or two will be useful to you to use on the weekend.

W (Perfect for the larger images to paint over)


There are more art and culture/fashion magazines. More expensive but really thick with a ton of stuff in.

Plus any magazines specific to your interest, ie gardening, fishing, tattoos etc

​​​​​​​Please also bring your journaling and paint pens along with you.

Drinks, snacks and lunch will be included on each day of the workshop.  We will accommodate for anyone with special allergies.  Please inform us at


We look forward to hosting you!
Spots are limited so don’t miss out!